Who We Are

Baghdad Center is the leading independent IT training company based in Sharjah, UAE. Each year, we teach thousands of students. We offer both businesses and individuals more choices for learning than any other company.


Our trainers have an extensive background with personal computers, mainframes, networking systems, and applications development.

Each instructor is individually selected based on such qualities as experience, patience, flexibility, and, of course, a strong desire to teach. These qualities allow us to customize courses and gear each course at a pace which makes learning fun, easy, and rewarding.



Our people are dedicated to ensuring every client is well served. Our highly skilled IT professionals are recognized the country over for their innovation, responsiveness and flexibility.

Partnering with the best

We are Microsoft certified Partner,ICDL testing and training center,VUE Authorized Testing Center..


5000 SQF, 8 Training labs, 64 workstation, Windows Server 2012.

Each classroom equipped with projector and 8 Pcs.

We will be known for:

  • A quality of work that is a model of what we expect of others;
  • Persistence in pursuit of our goals;
  • Integrity;
  • High productivity;
  • Responsiveness; and,
  • Being a good place to work.

Why choose Baghdad Institute for your training?

  • Microsoft Certified Partner
  • Private tuition at your premises throughout the UAE
  • Integrated training available
  • Maximum 8 delegates per scheduled course – ensures personal attention from the trainer
  • Private courses, workshops, one-to-one’s, induction and deskside coaching available at our/your premises
  • Choice of current or earlier software versions
  • Modern computer training facilities available for hire or private courses

Our Guarantees:

  • Baghdad Institute guarantees small class sizes.
  • Baghdad Institute guarantees quality instructors.
  • Baghdad Institute guarantees competence.
  • Baghdad Institute guarantees that training will be more cost-effective than training from any other source.


  • We compete against our competitors as experts in our specific fields, and with the guarantee that our clients will have the top-level people doing the actual work.
  • We collect competitors’ ads and literature; study them for information about their strategy, product features and benefits,.

Customer Service:

We are proud of our customer service which is on of the best in our field. We want to wow our customers with every experience, (and) then clearly separate ourselves from our competitors,

Marketing Plan:

We established a marketing and public relations advisory and referral team composed of our colleagues and neighboring business owners to share ideas and referrals and to discuss community issues. We are concentrating on:

Press relations

Communicating news and information of interest about our organization in the most positive light.

Product and service promotion

Sponsoring various efforts to publicize our products or services.

Firm communications

Promoting a better and more attractive understanding of our organization with internal and external communications.


Communicating with key individuals to positively influence legislation and regulation.


  • We analyze our fee structure; We look for areas requiring modifications or adjustments.
  • We established a credit card payment option for clients.
  • We give regular clients a discount.
  • We offer discounts to members of certain clubs/professional groups/organizations in exchange for promotions in their publications.
  • We Give “quick pay” or cash discounts.
  • We offer financing or installment plans.